All matches shall be played according to the International Rugby Board (IRB) Bye Laws, Regulations and Laws of the Game with Seven-a-side variations as framed by IRB. The overall winner of the Series will be determined by the team with the most Series points as newly set out below, following adjustments made for the 2011/12 season.

In a change to the points system at each round on the 2011/12 World Series, every team participating will now earn points towards the Series standings.

As a part of this ranking enhancement a new third place play-off match between the two losing semi finalists has been added to the final day's play.

i. Series Ranking Points

Stage reached Old System New System
Cup winner 24 22
Cup runner-up 20 19
Cup semi finalist
Winner 3rd/4th play-off
16 17
Cup semi finalist
Loser 3rd/4th play-off
16 15
Plate Winner 12 13
Plate Finalist 8 12
Plate semi-finalist 6 10
Plate semi-finalist 6 10
Bowl winner 4 8
Bowl finalist 0 7
Bowl semi-finalist 0 5
Bowl semi-finalist 0 5
Shield winner 0 3
Shield finalist 0 2
Shield semi-finalist 0 1
Shield semi-finalist 0 1

ii. In the event of two or more teams being equal on Series points for any position on the Series table, such position shall be determined on the margin of points scored for and against the team, with the highest margin of points scored for and against being considered the leading team in the respective position.

iii. In the event of (ii) above not providing a decision, the position on the Series table will be determined on the basis of the team scoring the most tries in the Series.

iv. In the event of (iii) above not providing a decision, the position on the Series table will be considered equal (i.e. a tie)

v. In the event of a tournament being abandoned, there will be no Series points allocated.

Tournament Squads
  1. All teams will be entitled to have the following squads in attendance at Series Tournaments:
    • up to 12 players;
    • up to 2 management;
    • teams will be entitled to also bring a properly certified doctor or physiotherapist

Declaration of Squad

  1. The team manager shall be required to submit a squad (max 12 players) for the tournament. The squad including shirt numbers shall be submitted no later than 72 hours prior to the start of the tournament.

    Should a player become injured within the 72 hour period up until 7.00pm on the night prior to the start of the tournament then the player may be replaced at the Participating Union' cost provided he is certified as injured by the tournament doctor.

  2. If a participating team sends a player home (for any reason) after 7.00pm on the night before the tournament then a replacement player must come from the Reserve Pool.
  3. If a participating team prior to squad declaration sends a player home (for any reason) the participating team can bring another eligible player into his squad at the expense of the participating team.
  4. No later than 30 minutes prior to each Match the Team Manager must submit his Team of 7 players and up to 5 replacements from the squad.
  5. Team managers must ensure that all players representing their Union are eligible to do so in accordance with International Rugby Board (IRB) Bye Laws and Regulations.
  6. Players must retain the same shirt number throughout the Tournament and Series.

Tournament Replacements

If a player is injured or suspended such that he cannot continue in the Tournament and in the case of injury this is certified by the Tournament Medical Officer, then;

  1. The participating team can call up a player from the Tournament Reserve Squad provided by the Host Union.
  2. The player shall be selected by the Team Manager and endorsed by the Tournament Director or his nominee, having regard to the playing position of the participating team's injured/suspended player.
  3. A Tournament Reserve Squad player can only take the field (in the playing Seven) in a match if the participating team through injury or suspension has no other players available from its nominated 12 players.
  4. Once the Reserve Squad player takes the field then the player that he replaced may no longer take any further part in the Tournament.
  5. The replacement player must then stay with that team until the Tournament ends.
  6. For the avoidance of doubt, if, during the Tournament pursuant to this section 7.5, a Tournament Reserve Squad player is called up for and plays for a Participating Union in the Tournament, such player's eligibility under Regulation 8 of the IRB Regulations Relating to the Game (Regulations) shall not be affected. In addition, the Union calling on such a player shall not be deemed to be in breach of Regulation 8.
  7. The co-ordination and registering of the tournament replacement players (including timings) shall be through the Tournament Director or his nominee.

Each Tournament is required to conduct a meeting of Team representatives at least 12 hours prior to the commencement of the Tournament.

Each team is required to send at least one representative to the meeting.


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